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An All New Power BI Embedded Portal for Better Data Visualization

Power BI is generally a collection of apps, software services, and connectors that combine and turn your unrelated data sources into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights...

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Improving Power BI Dashboards with Kockpit Konnect

Power BI is undoubtedly enabling a more streamlined way of doing business and allowing business managers....

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A complete solution: Data extraction to visualization

Data is the driving force behind every business. However, to seize the information advantage and use data....

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How BI Improves Risk Management within Organizations

Risk is the one thing that everyone tries to avoid in life, or at least try to reduce its possibility....

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Understanding Data Visualization

Images have the power to transcend language barriers. They can convey complex ideas to the masses and we know this because....

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Best Practices For Power BI Dashboards

Kockpit Pre Designed BI Dashboard is the visual display of the essential information needed to achieve one or more objectives...

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How is Power BI taking over Excel?

Most of us are familiar with Microsoft excel. College students to prominent business professionals use Excel to record, store and analyze data..

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Kockpit Solutions - Transforming Data into Intelligent Insights

Data is everywhere and It just needs to be refined to use it optimally...

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6 reasons why you should use Power BI for business

Power BI is an intuitive tool for interacting with data and turning it into insights easily...

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How to Build the Perfect Dashboard with Kockpit Power BI

Data is crucial for any organization’s survival. However, there is an urgent...

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