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What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics, in simple words, is a process to land on reliable conclusions after analyzing the extracted data. This process helps the organization boost efficiency.

What role does a data analyst play?

Data analysts are an asset for any organization as they help businesses make unparalleled decisions by manipulating data. Data analysts use a range of methods to bring ample light on future outcomes.

Is there any major difference between data analysis and big data analytics?

The only difference between data analysis and big data analytics is scalability. Data analysis is a generalized term; however, data analysis runs data examination.

I feel my team is regularly missing out on some business opportunities. How could your business intelligence services help me deal with it?

At Kockpit, we offer endless Microsoft Power BI resources to our customers, such as business leads and insights, detailed company profiles, data warehousing, online subscriptions, and so on. It enables you to make the right decision and make a judgment about your team's efficiency.

We recently changed our staff which brought it challenges to cope with subscription service. How can your team help me with that?

Changing staffing is a big decision; however, bringing the new one on the board is another complex challenge requiring utmost patience and energy. At Kockpit, we can divide your burden by providing comprehensive solutions like conducting live sessions for your staff, or our full-day workshops where we emphasize various vital factors which train them well.

Briefly explain the significance of your data management services.

Our goal at Kockpit is to simplify emerging data to increase predictability and efficiency, as more accurate data leads to better outcomes. Learn more about Kockpit Studio (ETL) and get a free demo.