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Kockpit Nucleus - ETL

Kockpit Nucleus is created and developed as a one-stop for a big data analytics solution. This Kockpit Nucleus provides a well-settled environment for big data analytics with the support of already existing amazing technologies like Spark, Hadoop, Python. The Kockpit also provides on-click integrations with the required Extract transform and load (ETL) services.

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Features of Kockpit Nucleus - ETL

Integrate Multiple Data Sources

Design workflows to bring together data from different data sources and integrate into a single data warehouse. Kockpit Nucleus integrations support SQL, No SQL , Flat Files , FTPs and cloud storage solutions.

Auto Job Schedulers

Control workflow run through custom trigger or schedule automatic data refreshes to stay updated with the latest insights of your business.

Get the best from your data

Uncover the hidden power of your data to accelerate data driven decision making using our scalable and open platform for Machine Learning.

Scalable and Cost Effective Solution

Optimize server utilization while continuing to scale with HDFS integration in kockpit Nucleus providing a cost effective solution especially when working on cloud.

Big Data support

Kockpit consists of tools, technologies and processes that help deploy support and manage big data solutions with ease.

Software Version Management Enabled

Track Revisions , solve integration conflicts with GIT integration available in kockpit Nucleus .

Pre-Built Integrations to 20+ Data Sources

Kockpit Nucleus supports 20+ ready-to-use integrations across various Databases, Cloud Storage, FTPs and flat files (Excel/CSV). Effortlessly connect/integrate data sources to get the best out of your data .

Get Rid Of Complex ETL Setups With Kockpit

We rigorously work towards reimaging your business models, products and customer experiences to drive new value and come up with smarter ways of using and visualising data. Helping organisations become more data-driven with speed and ease.

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