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Dive into the ocean of possibilities with Big Data - where insights sparkle, patterns dance, and innovation knows no bounds!

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Big Data Services

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Azure Services

Craft in the Cloud With a Complimentary Azure Account

Unlock the cloud and seamlessly create your Azure account for limitless possibilities in innovation and scalability.

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Google Cloud Platform Services

The New Way to Cloud Starts Here

Create, deploy, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge.

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Open Source Services

To Simplify Software Development

Embrace open source to simplify software development, unlocking endless possibilities for innovation.

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Unleash Your Data's Full Potential With Kockpit

From strategy to ongoing support, we help you illuminate Big Data insights with state-of-the-art technologies, including Azure, Google Cloud, and Open Source Services.

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Here's Why Your Company Needs Big Data Services

The world is witnessing a never-before-seen rush towards big data services due to the rapidly growing number of Internet users globally.

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Informed Decision-Making

Big Data services empower your company with the ability to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, providing actionable insights.

This enhances decision-making processes, enabling your team to make informed choices based on comprehensive data-driven understanding.

Competitive Edge

Leveraging Big Data gives your company a competitive advantage. By extracting meaningful patterns and trends from large datasets

You can stay ahead of market shifts, identify new opportunities, and respond proactively to changing customer demands, giving your business a strategic edge over competitors.

Operational Efficiency
and Cost Savings

Big Data services streamline operations by optimizing processes, identifying inefficiencies, and reducing costs.

Through data-driven insights, you can enhance resource allocation, improve workflow efficiency, and make strategic decisions that contribute to overall cost savings and improved business performance.

How Can Kockpit Help With
Big Data?

Big Data Help

Efficiently Managing
Comprehensive Data

We store vast amounts of information end-to-end, even reaching into terabytes. This proves invaluable when clients request data since the inception of operations.

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We Utlize tools such as
Tableau and Qlik

We enhance big data visualization, often stored in the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). To mitigate delays and ensure real-time reporting, we employ data compression with HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System), implement a staging layer, and establish scheduled data refresh timings.

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How We Approach Big Data

Our approach not only streamlines the transformation process but also guarantees that data is regularly updated and made live, presenting clients with the most recent 24-hour snapshot.

Data Optimization & Strategy

Maximizing the Potential of Your Data for Actionable Insights

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Data Consultation, Provisioning & Enhancement:

Data Consultation,
Provisioning & Enhancement

Expert guidance, provisioning, and enhancement services for optimizing data utilization.

Audience Segmentation & Understanding:

Audience Segmentation &

Analyzing and categorizing audiences for a deeper understanding of user demographics and preferences.

Business Intelligence:


Utilizing data-driven insights to inform and enhance strategic business decisions.

Enterprise-level Analytics


Implementing advanced analytics solutions tailored for large-scale business operations.

Data Governance & Engineering

Empowering Smart Choices with Advanced Data Engineering and Robust Management

Implementation of Big Data

Implementation of Big Data

Deploying and managing large-scale data solutions to extract valuable insights from massive datasets.

Data Engineering & Pipeline Management

Data Engineering & Pipeline Management

Structuring and overseeing the flow of data through pipelines for efficient processing and analysis.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Storing and organizing vast amounts of structured and unstructured data for streamlined retrieval and analysis.

Cloud Infrastructure Implementation

Cloud Infrastructure Implementation

Setting up and managing cloud-based infrastructure to support scalable and flexible data processing and storage solutions.