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Kockpit SalesPlow offers a central platform to the field users and managers that take care of all your field service operations for you. SalesPlow allows you to monitor your employees' activities, travel logs, expenses, and other daily assignments, so you stay in the loop! Whether it's location-based punch in/out, team tracking, or expenses and claims settlement, SalesPlow can do it all.

Features of SalesPlow

Location-Enabled Attendance

With an advanced GPS-enabled tracking feature, users can punch in once they reach the location and punch out when the task is done.

Hassle-Free Employee Tracking

Get a detailed view of assigned tasks and on-site employee visits. Enjoy easy team tracking & monitor employees activities effortlessly.

Task Management

Create, assign, and manage tasks easily. Get a holistic employee management software that streamlines task allocation & tracks progress.

Simplified Claims Settlement

Eliminate the tiring process of approving claims and expenses. With SalesPlow, you can file, track, and settle claims with just a touch.

In-built Chat

Solve queries with ease with our integrated chat feature. Get an in-built chat function that enables easy connectivity between employees.

Industries We Serve In


On-site sales and services are a big part of the FMCG sector. Thus, profits rely on swift and efficient last-mile deliveries.


Using AI and modern data automation to deliver fast and easy solutions that benefit retail businesses and their functions.

Field Services

Allowing a hyper-connected environment that allows real-time updates and insights to ensure non-stop operations in field services.

Pharma & Healthcare

Transforming modern-day health tracking and faster results to get life-saving interventions with advanced analytics and big data.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I track the location of my employees with SalesPlow?
Can I track the location of my employees with SalesPlow?

SalesPlow has an in-build GPS feature that automatically shows you the location of a field executive as soon as they press the punch in or out button. With this, you can always be notified when the field executive reaches or leaves the task location.

Can I find SalesPlow in the Play Store or App Store?
Can I find SalesPlow in the Play Store or App Store?

SalesPlow is an app created on Power apps, a platform introduced by Microsoft. So, you cannot find the SalesPlow application directly from the Play Store or App Store. However, you can download SalesPlow by downloading power Apps from these stores and can use SalesPlow via Microsoft Power apps.

How can I download and log in to SalesPlow?
Downloading and logging in to SalesPlow is pretty simple and can be done with just a few steps.
  • First, go to the Play Store or App Store and download the Microsoft Power Apps.
  • Open the Power Apps application
  • Log in to Power Apps with the credentials given by your organization.
  • Open the Kockpit SalesPlow app. you will see Kockpit SalesPlow located under all apps
  • Start managing tasks and tracking activities.
How can my business benefit from SalesPlow?
How can my business benefit from SalesPlow?

SalesPlow makes it easier for field employees as well as managers to better communicate with each other when they go to different locations. Managers can monitor their employees' activities, assign tasks, and get quick follow-ups. Similarly, employees can also manage their day-to-day operations and track their work better, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity, better customer/client satisfaction, and greater revenue generation.

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