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Kockpit Nucleus

Nucleus provides a well-settled environment for big data analytics
with the support of already existing amazing technologies like

Effortless integration of your data pipelines

Kockpit Nucleus easily delivers unified, accurate, and insightful data with zero loss.

Advantages Of Kockpit Nucleus

Learn how Kockpit Nucleus enables a seamless environment and how it helps to simplify complex operations.

Add Workspaces

Add your virtual machines as workspaces in Nucleus and automatically install the required software into the machine.

Role-based access control

Secure your data's security by granting personalized role-based access to the users and control your data according to you.

Set your task list

With Kockpit Nucleus, create and manage your to-do list to always be on top of things and never miss a task.

Auto job schedulers

Schedule your ETL jobs as per your need with Nucleus and receive them automatically at the set time.

A Glimpse of Our Product

Here's a quick look into Kockpit Nucleus showcasing its workflow and features.

Features of Kockpit Nucleus

Kockpit Nucleus is created and developed as a one-stop for a big data analytics solution.

Integration with Multiple Data Sources

Nucleus design workflows to combine data from different data sources and enable single data warehouse integration. Nucleus support SQL, No SQL, Flat Files, FTPs, and cloud storage solutions.

Big Data support

Kockpit Nucleus consists of several tools, technologies, and processes that help in deployment support and management of big data solutions with ease.

Low code approach

With the help of our GUI-friendly panel, you can easily generate syntax without typing code. Just input the requirements on the panel, and Nucleus will give the necessary code.

Software version management enabled

Nucleus allows users to select different versions of languages such as spark, python, and Hadoop that helps in generating flexible output according to the user needs without any manual configuration.

Pre-built integrations to countless RDBMS data sources

Kockpit Nucleus supports many ready-to-use integrations across various Databases, including Cloud Storage, FTPs, and flat files (Excel/CSV). Effortlessly connect/integrate data sources to get the best out of your data

Simplify The Process With Kockpit Nucleus

Kockpit Nucleus is a fast and easy solution that saves a large part of the team's bandwidth and reduces the time to go live. Connect once and uninterruptedly get real-time updated data replicated to your data warehouse, all ready for reporting and analysis.

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