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Mobility Solutions

For those who desire to stay in line with the business updates & analytics anytime-anywhere through mobile.
App covers everything from business point to cash cycle (Sales, Receivables, Collection, Installation, logistics, Purchases, Order Processing) . With data refresh time of 15 minutes every update gets captured in near real time.

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Features of Mobility Solutions

User Friendly GUI

Easy to use interface and quick filters to get the information you wish to retrieve, Kockpit mobile app provides a user friendly GUI.

360 degree view

Get a story line view of your data using drill through across various business dimensions for a complete 360 degree view to take data-backed decisions.

Cost Saving

Kockpit Mobility app is built on React Native Technology which means you need not spend extra time and money on building separate iOS and Android apps.

Get Real Time Data

Big data enabled engine ensures real time information for users to take data driven decisions on the go.

One-Click Sharing and Annotations

With sharing feature across various apps, useful information can be shared in no time, anytime & anywhere.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Get the best of your team with real time monitoring and tracking of various business functions using our mobility solution.

Kockpit Mobility Solutions

Build on Hybrid technology to provide Business insights for quick actions, Notifications & Annotation on the go.

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