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About Kockpit

Kockpit is a pre-designed BI dashboard for key stakeholders of an Organization. You get insights on Sales & Distribution, Finance, Inventory and Production modules of ERP system for various areas of Analysis viz. Revenue and Gross Margin, Accounts Receivables and Payables, Stock Ageing, Open Orders, Production Summary, Downtime Summary and Factory Production.

Features of Kockpit


Pre-Configured Dashboards

100s of Dashboards,ready to install within a week. Cuts down the huge development costs and makes Kockpit a pocket-friendly option.


Tailor Made for Industry, Role and Goals

Choose dashboards best for your industry and best for the state of your business. Discover KPIs that truly measure your growth trajectory.


Plug & Play Solution

Kockpit is easy to get started with. You can start monitoring your business’s health at the end of a day, everyday, thereafter.

Why Kockpit


BIG Data Analytics

Increase efficiency. Tak e better decisions. Companies have 100s of TBs of data. With the conventional approach, it's impossible to manage this voulme. It is imperative to switch to a technology which can handle the data smoothly. With Kockpit, add three V's to your business - Volume, Velocity and Variety.


Realtime Data Analysis

Spark forms the background, hence the ability to perform data analysis is high and real-time productivity improves. Every time, with no loss of data. It’s dynamic and can easily be integrated with Hadoop.


Descriptive and predictive analytics

The power BI reports enable you to analyze all the major KPI’s and can perform predictive analysis. The answers to the three big questions have never been easier:

  • - "What has happened?"
  • - "What could happen?"
  • - "What should we do?"

Accelerating and improving decision making

As all the major KPIs are covered in the module, you can add value to your decision making and accelerate your organisational growth. Kockpit can be enabled on your phone with all major KPIs.


Gaining competitive advantages over business rivals

Become a data provider as well as a data user. Nurture an analytics culture in your organization by taking advantage of industry research and trend reports.


Spotting business problems that need to be addressed

Use the insights to improve customer engagement and retention strategies, or to create new products and services.

Kockpit's Cluster environment approach helps Bikanervala

Kockpit designed and developed hybrid datawarehouse to reduce the time taken to process the data


Bikanervala, Delhi

Kockpit's powerful front end visualisation tool for analysis makes things easier for SCCI

Implemented different batches to extract the data on demand and removed the manual intervention


SCCI India

We provided Parijat with faster extraction of data without any manual intervention

As per the client need, a single application was delivered where they can have a detailed analysis of all the reports like Inventory, Sales, Receivables, Payables etc.


Parijat, Delhi


High-growth brands trust Kockpit with their optimization efforts

Start your work with Kockpit today