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KOCKPIT Configurator

Just don't enter your data, configure it

First and the most vital part of the kockpit deployment

A platform for user to manually input data as per their requirment.


An in-house developed software for managing and configuring your data

  • You can connect with your live database with just one click
  • Define the formats of your reports directly (For eg: P&L and Balance sheet as per company act)

KOCKPIT CONFIGURATOR is a complete package of customisable and interactive modules helping your business to Achieve new heights.

Main Features


Admin Portal

Here you can modify access details and extract your data. This module is very user friendly and interactive. All the details to connect with your live SQL database like server ip, sql user id and pssword can be entered at one place to create the folder structure and datamodel on your respective data.


Pre Installation

Some most important installation techniques are covered in this Module.

  • GL Range Mapping : All the GL's are mapped to their respective Groups( Revenue, Direct Expense, Indirect Expense, PBT, PAT, etc.
  • Dimension Code Selection : One can select the required dimensions as per the Industry and required reports.
  • Financial Budget Selection : Directly define your financial budgets as per the organisational defined format.


Ageing buckets can be defined in this Module.

  • Account Payable Ageing Bucket
  • Account Receivable Ageing Bucket
  • Sales Order Ageing Bucket
  • Inventory Ageing Bucket

Report Mapping

Various Finance Reports like Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet can be mapped in this Module.

  • Format Upload : The format for required report(Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet) are uploaded here. Default format is also provided for reference.
  • Profit & Loss Maping : The GL's are mapped as per the uploaded format.
  • Balance Sheet Mapping : The GL's are mapped as per the uploaded format.


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