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Kockpit Business Suite is a package of pre defined dashboards built on Microsoft Power BI covering all the popular domain such as Sales , Account Payables , Account Receivables , Production , Inventory and Finance . Kockpit business suite provides an opportunity to unify all your data and generate immediate actionable insights. Get all the business Data at your fingertips, rich analysis options from one point of access, and domain specific KPIs creating limitless options and remove tedious traditional means of data analysis and reporting.

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Key Modules of Business Suite


sales dashboard is a tool that enables executives and managers to effectively control sales KPIs and monitor them in one central place while helping teams to reach sales goals through detailed analyses of sales performance. Sales departments need to have strong ownership of their pipelines, data at their fingertips, and accurate information at any given point in time. By using kockpit sales dashboards, the performance of the team and sales management on a daily or strategic level become simplified with actionable insights to take key business decisions.

Some KPI’s in the Sales Module include:

Customer wise sales

Inactive customers

Customer Profile

Sale trends for the last 12 months

Salesperson Profile

Customer scorecard

New customer sales

Salesperson scorecard

Gross margin % of total revenue

Product scorecard

Active customers

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Analysis dashboard provides insights that help organizations to streamline workflow automation and strategies for efficient invoice processing and accounts payable process. It helps the personnel to evaluate the accounting and outflow of cash in the organization, also come up with strategies to improve effectiveness and efficiency of processing.

The Accounts Payable dashboard generates a summary of invoice aging, generally one of the more popular AP reports, shows where invoices are in the payment cycle. Ideally, this dashboard can help companies both pay their invoices on-time and within windows.

Some KPI’s available in the Accounts Payable Module are as below :

Vendor wise DPO

Purchaser wise DPO

Payables v/s DPO

DPO (Ageing buckets )

Advance paid

DPO trends

Top/ bottom N analysis

Accounts Receivables

Accounts receivable dashboards offer a window into everything that matters with A/R. Users can quickly reference key metrics, see updated data , and immediately understand the positives and negatives of performance. Account receivable takes care of pending receivable amount for the services and goods provided. Bucketing and further segmentation based on risk factors and analysis help to identify the gaps

Following are some of the KPI’s in Accounts Receivables Module:

Total AR

Salesperson wise pending AR

Pending Amount by Receivables Age

Top / Bottom N customers by customer

Receivables v/s DSO

Pending amount by customer name


Inventory dashboard proactively monitors inventory levels helping organizations create future inventory plan. Inventory module provides useful info for stock availability with the company and its ageing. Buckets with their color codes help to identify the level or status of the stock in monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports.

Some important KPI’s in Inventory Module:

Stock ageing by product group

Stock by location, name and interval

Stock snapshots at each month-end

Categorization with ageing

DSI with buckets (no of days range)

Stock trends

Inventory by location(warehouse/ other entities)


financial dashboard is a management tool that helps to track all your relevant finance KPIs, allows for effective cash management, and enables to track expenses, sales and profits in detail to meet and outperform financial objectives of a department or company. They enable finance experts to validate figures faster and drill into financial details as much as needed which increases productivity and, ultimately, provides a stable financial environment. 

Some important KPI’s in Finance Module:

Revenue growth %

Variance %

Gross margin growth%

Balance sheet

PBT growth %

MIS PNL (Transaction Table containing every detail)

Profit loss statement

Direct indirect expenditure trends

CY revenue

PY revenue


manufacturing dashboard helps to monitor the most important production KPIs in one central point of access. It enables manufacturers to track and optimize the production quality and is a valuable analytics tool to manage all related manufacturing costs efficiently.
From taking up the requirements/orders to transferring the finished product in the warehouse/market, the process of production has been taken care of at every point via the KPIs.

Some KPI’s of Production Module:

Planned production achievement % (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)

Processes by stop time

Downtime analysis

Pending Order Status

Top reasons for downtime

Production Summary

Top machine name by stop time

Rejection Analysis


procurement dashboard enables purchasing manager to efficiently track, evaluate, and optimize all acquisition processes within a company with the help of procurement KPIs such as the purchase order cycle time, supplier defect rate, and many more.

Some KPI’s in Purchase Module include:

Periodic prices comparison

OTIF score

Open PO

Total paid v/s outstanding

Closed PO

Item & purchaser-wise price variation

Item & vendor-wise average delivery time

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