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Node JS - An Overview

Whenever a discussion arises about the best runtime environments, the name Node.js...

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Five Ways How Business Intelligence Software Can Help Finance Industry

Digital technology brings new demands and challenges to the finance industry....

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Introduction to PySpark

Apache Spark is a big data solution that has been proven to be easier & faster than Hadoop...

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Best Practices For Power BI Dashboards

Kockpit Pre Designed BI Dashboard is the visual display of the essential information...

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How is Power BI taking over Excel?

Most of us are familiar with Microsoft excel. College students to prominent business professionals use Excel to record, store and analyze data..

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Kockpit Going Beyond The Power of AI

Analytics powers your marketing program, but how much value are you really getting from your data...

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What is Big Data? Different types of Big Data

Big Data is a collection of knowledge and information that is huge in volume.

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