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Kockpit Business X-Ray

Kockpit Business X-Ray is an order to cash cycle management software to manage customer orders in an organization. Many organizations still rely on manual techniques to track and analyze customer orders. This process is tedious and time- consuming.

But, with the Kockpit Business X-Ray platform, you get an automated solution to handle customer orders. From the customer order placement to the order delivery, you get a clear picture of order delays, processing stages, and other logistical challenges.
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Real-Time Visibility

Informative Visuals

Auto Escaation

Auto Notificaiton

Features of Kockpit Business X-ray

Real-Time Visibility

With real-time data refreshes, users always get the latest/updated data at their figure tips.

Informative Visualization

Visualization in the form of the Power BI dashboard shows Alerts in color-coding in case of delays in any particular area.

Auto-Email Notifications

With RPA running at the core of business X-ray, auto- emails notifications are sent to the responsible person for quicker actions. This process enables them to make faster decisions.

Auto Escalation

Auto Escalation emails are sent as per the escalation matrix to the senior team in case the Turnaround Time has been surpassed. Here, you need not wait for a complaint from the customer to act on it.

Kockpit Business X-ray Solutions

Order processing

Order processing captures any delays in approval of new SO punched/ received. Key components covered in this module are Pending For Finance Approval, SO Pending to be authorized, Pending SPC, and Pending with Low Margin.


Purchase captures the current aging of stock and delays in the expected delivery date by the vendor. Key components of purchase are Order, Billing, Stock, and Expected Delivery Date.


Logistics Module tracks dispatches crossing TAT. Key components tracked in this module are Dispatch, In Transit, Hold Delivery, and Acknowledgement.


Installation tracks the WIP installations and open installations going out of TAT. Key components tracked in this module are Total Open Calls, Unassigned Calls, On Hold, and WIP Installations.


The collection Module tracks the collections crossing the credit period. Key components followed in this module are Expected Collection in this week/month, Total Outstanding, and Outstanding Aging.

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