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From Data toIntelligent Insights

Why Kockpit

Kockpit is a pre-designed BI dashboard for key persons of an Organization by syndicating data from Sales & Distribution, Finance, Inventory and Production modules of ERP system for various areas of Analysis viz. Revenue and Gross Margin, Accounts Receivables and Payables, Stock Ageing and Open Orders.


Pre-Configured Dashboards

100s of Dashboards,ready to install within a week. Cuts down the huge development cost and makes Kockpit a pocket-friendly option.


Tailor Made for Industry, Role and goals

Choose dashboards best for your industry and the state of your business. Discover KPIs that truly measure your growth trajectory.

Plug & Play Solution

Kockpit is easy to get started with. You can start monitoring your business’s health at the End of Day everyday, thereafter.

Kockpit Solutions

Kockpit has connectors ready for Microsoft Dynamics ERP (NAV, AX, D365) which can be easily integrated with least implementation time. It provides both Cloud and On premises solution for your existing database. Now, enjoy the seamless experience of multi database integration system.

  • Business Kockpit
  • Finance Kockpit
  • Production Kockpit

Kockpit Workflow

Data Sources

  • SQL Server
  • NAV
  • AX
  • HRMS
  • CRM

Stage 1

Ingestion in hdfs/hive through spark having cluster

Stage 2

Transformations through spark in cluster architecture

Stage 3

Storing/writing final data/tables to rdbms

Stage 4

  • Getting data from rdbms to any BI tool
  • Visualization

Kockpit Component

Kockpit Configurator

Kockpit Configurator is a complete package of customisable and interactive modules helping your business to Achieve new heights.

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Kockpit ETL (Data Warehouse)

Take advantage of the performance, flexibility, and security of fully managedKockpit services.

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Kockpit Dashboard & Reports

Prepare for the future by adding Kockpit to your Business and get insights out of your data.

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Customer Success Stories

Kockpit's powerful front end visualisation tool for analysis makes things easier for SCCI

Implemented different batches to extract the data on demand and removed the manual intervention



High-growth brands trust Kockpit with their optimization efforts

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